When I decided to go all in, it changed EVERTHING

The photo above was taken last year when I went to Norway. Now it is worth saying that this was for me one of those bucket list trips, a place I had always wanted to go but never thought I would.

I made the decision a little while ago now that if I wanted to do something I would find a way. I truly believe that if you want it enough you will find a way. This trip was one of those things. I decided that I would give the trip the justice it deserved and if I wanted to go somewhere or try something then it was GOING to happen.

That holiday I tried a Skillingsboller (Norwegian cinnamon roll) which was amazing! I saw a UNESCO world heritage site, went on a rib boat (see picture above) and lived like a Viking for the day. And, that was only some of it.

When I made the decision to find a way to achieve the things that were important to me it was the most incredible feeling. 

It made me start to appreciate all the opportunity I had and it also made me hyper specific about what my goals and aspirations actually were.

I made the decision to start Yellow Lemon Coaching, I made the decision to get the best training I could and I made the decision that I was going to finally use my university education in Neuroscience to help others which is WHY I did it in the first place.

So, I want to know what your goal is big or small that you think isn’t possible or is too grand. Send me a message and tell me what that is, let’s see if we can’t break it down and get you there one step at a time.

Make the decision to go all in on your goal and see where that takes you.

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