NLP Coaching Program

Overcome your own personal roadblocks

Neurolinguistic Programming or NLP for short (because let’s be honest remembering let alone pronouncing Neurolinguistic Programming is a challenge) is a modelling and communication framework. The beautiful thing about NLP is that a trained practitioner can use the techniques to re-map or re-train how you think and feel about a trigger or situation.

We all have our own roadblocks or challenges that feel like they are stopping us moving forward or creating the life we want. These programs are designed to tackle these challenges in an empathetic but highly effective way by using NLP alongside traditional life coaching, EFT (emotional freedom technique) and clinical hypnotherapy.

I can also promise that they will be fun and engaging. I believe the journey should be as rewarding as the destination!

All coaching programs and sessions are via video call which works so well as it takes the extra time out for travel, it also means I am able to work with people from across the globe. So if you live in the US, Poland or the South Pole, as long as you have internet we can work together!

If you have a particular challenge or roadblock that you need help with then just get in touch. We can create a personalised program just for you!

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My NLP Programs

All packages include:
FREE sensory perception (VAKOG) questionnaire, lifestyle audit and personality test download with a summary of the results.
All worksheets and support documents included as PDFs to print at home