Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions below apply to all coaching and mentoring supplied by Colleen Moore (the “coach”) of Yellow Lemon Coaching and the individual or organisation (“the client”) and constitute a contract between coach and client.
“Coaching” is used here to cover life coaching, personal coaching, business coaching, development coaching, hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique and neurolinguistic programming.
Coaching is not a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and should not be construed in this way.
Colleen Moore pushes to get the best out of her clients and herself and ensures she follows ethical and moral guidelines as well as striving to provide an excellent service. Feedback is welcomed at the end of a program or session block via a feedback form.

The date of the first session is deemed the start the start date of the service provided. Participation and starting the service will be constituted as acceptance of these terms and conditions.
Any disagreement with the terms and conditions stated here should be brought up before the first session by contacting Colleen Moore on info@yellowlemoncoaching.com. Any concerns will be addressed and where possible resolved.
The number and frequency of sessions will be agreed in advance of the program or block starting. This is not binding and can be altered to reflect the client’s progress, schedule and preference. The schedule and first session will be conformed via email or letter.
In return for the agreed fee payable by the client (or in the case of third party paying they count as acting on behalf of the client), Colleen agrees to provide the service agreed and as described below in accordance with the terms and conditions. The client agrees the pay the fees for the service on the terms and conditions contained herein.

Coaching sessions will be delivered via video call (Skype or other provider agreed prior to any session, phone call or face to face sessions (by prior agreement and at a mutually agreed venue. Note that face to face sessions will have an additional fee dependent on the venue and location).
Coaching sessions will typically be an hour long unless stated in the program or agreed to be different. This will be confirmed in an email or by letter. The first session of a block or a program will be 90 minutes long.
The coach is responsible for calling the client at the agreed time and being available. The client is responsible for being available and that the agreed line of communication is open and working.

Session fees are shown clearly on the website. Where the coach and client agree to face to face coaching and an additional fee to cover travel and venue costs apply this will be confirmed via email and agreed prior to any coaching commencing.
All session fees will be conformed prior to the first session and must be paid in advance. In some cases where indicated payment plan options are available. In cases where the fee has not be paid prior to the session, Colleen Moore will not be obliged to provide the session and will not be obliged to provide any further sessions until the fees have been paid.

Session dates and times will be agreed in advance and will be confirmed via email or writing.
If the client needs to rearrange the session a minimum of 72 hours should be given. No refunds will be given for cancelling or rearranging sessions within the 72 hour notice period. Refunds will be given for cancellation within the 72 hour notice period. In exceptional circumstances Colleen Moore may need to rearrange an agreed sessions date and time. If this occurs Colleen Moore will give the client 72 hours notice where practical and possible.
Sessions that have been paid in advance must be used within 6 months of the payment and agreement to the terms and conditions, whichever came first, otherwise they will be lost and no refunds will be given.

Any 5 session package, 10 session package, new business start-up program and 12 week plus program include unlimited email support (allow up to 24 hours to respond). Additional coaching will not be given via email, this service it to clarify homework, check in with progress or to ask for direction or support.

In rare and exceptional circumstances such as illness, injury, bereavement, conflict of interest with the client, inappropriate behaviour by the client or any reason deemed necessary Colleen Moore can terminate a block or program early or decide not to provide any further sessions. Termination of any program or session will be given with as much notice as possible and via email or letter. A refund will be given as a gesture of goodwill for any outstanding sessions that have already been paid for.

Any changes to the number or length of sessions will be agreed between the client and the coach and confirmed via email or letter.
Any changes to session fees where a client is paying on a per session basis the client will be notified with at least a weeks notice and they have the right to stop coaching sessions without any penalty.
Any changes to programs or blocks that have already been paid for will not be affected by any fee changes. Any further coaching or programs will be subject to the change in fees.

Colleen Moore will work with the client to identify and work towards agreed goals and outcomes to achieve transformational change. However any decisions and actions taken by the client are entirely of their own volition. Colleen Moore has no responsibility for any actions taken or any losses incurred financial or otherwise as a result of the choices made or actions taken.
Colleen Moore takes no responsibility for any perceived failure to achieve material improvement or improvement in the clients quality of life perceived or otherwise from the commencement of coaching.
The client agrees to commit to the sessions and/or program and understands that not doing so may result in slower progress or not achieving the goals agreed by the coach and client.
The client must agree to and sign the ‘Coaching Agreement’ prior to the first session.

All sessions with the coach are entirely confidential including all and any personal information. A caveat to this is when information is required by law or where there is a risk of harm to the client or others.