Breakthrough Session

This type of program is for those people who have a challenge that they feel is stopping them achieving their full potential.

You might be needing to do a public speech but your confidence is at an all time low, you could be in a position where you need to interview for roles but your self belief is not where it needs to be. Or, you might be desperately wanting to change your current trajectory but don’t know where to start.
These are all areas (and many others) where a breakthrough session with me can make a positive shift.

This session is: 3.5 hours

All Yellow Lemon programs include...

FREE sensory perception (VAKOG) questionnaire, lifestyle audit and personality test download with a summary of the results.
All worksheets and support documents included as PDFs to print at home.

Booking a 10 session block or 16 week program?

You will receive a welcome pack containing (*Only available in the UK/Europe):
A self development book
notepad and pencil
Essential oil roll on
(Please note the welcome pack is not available for the Breakthrough session.)

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