About Colleen

And why the lemons?

Did you know that there is a certain type of lemon tree, aptly named Eureka, that produces fruit all year round? That fruit tree hustles to create the best lemons it possibly can, and it loves doing it so much it blinking goes and does it again and again and again.

This is a lot like my attitude to life. Work hard, but work hard towards something you love, love it so much that you enjoy every step, every bend and every stop along the way.

I am a business owner, personal development junkie and kickass mum (no really, I know Taekwondo!). I love the life I have created but it takes effort and practice and above all else patience. I have to constantly work at it, there are still goals I am working towards and I have huge aspirations for myself that fuel my drive forward. I want to share my techniques and my knowledge with you so that you can achieve your goals and love the path you take to get there. 

I am no stranger to the struggles that life can throw up or the challenges of a modern day lifestyle...

In 2011 I left a stable well paid affluent job in sales to pursue my passion of helping people and set up a sports and remedial therapy business. I studied whilst I was on maternity leave and qualified before my sons first birthday. Knowing this was my calling and part of my bigger journey drove me forward, this same drive and tenacity was what anchored me to build the business whilst managing the bumpy road as a single parent.

Throughout these early years in business and parenthood I worked hard on my own personal development, I got help! I felt no shame in admitting I needed a guide or a coach and at times counselling, it helped shaped the person I am and gave me the tools and strategies and most importantly the mindset I needed to achieve what I wanted whilst being the best mum I could possibly be.

Working within personal development has also been on the cards for me ever since my initial foray into psychology and later into Neuroscience.

My personal work in the CAM industry bolstered this drive to want to help others achieve their goals, without compromise and enjoy the road to change as much as the goal itself.

I am launching Yellow Lemon Coaching with a high level qualification in Life Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Life Practice UK, the Best International Training Provider at the Business Enterprise Awards in both 2018 and 2019.

I have also been fortunate enough to have been nominated for Student of the Year for achieving some of the highest grades on my submitted work within the academy.

Yellow Lemon Coaching is my way of sharing with you all relatable tools and strategies for creating the life you want, the way you want it.

When life gives you lemons make lemon curd, put a slice in your Earl Grey or make a cheese cake!

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